Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Review So Far

I realized recently that some of the nice people I meet and send here either don't know or realize that my prints are organized by dates. So, I thought it would be nice and the right time to do a review.

So, here they are so far, Psalm 1 through Psalm 18.
Click on any image and it will take you to the full post for details and the full Illuminated Psalm.

So this is it so far..............

Please leave your comments!

Stay tuned, updates coming soon.


  1. Love the whole series. Eagerly awaiting the next one.

  2. Hey Dan,, Great art work, Oh by the way, this is Frank. We just spoke on the phone about the loan for the Pete. Kewl site, will bookmark it. Not much of a church guy myself. I speak with the LORD daily in my own way. Just can't see going to a church with the 6 day sinners and saying everything is ok. Not saying you are a sinner 6 days a week,lol. Anyways my email is Stay n touch and send me new art for opinions. Im pretty good on first impression visual.