Monday, March 16, 2009

Psalm 8: Finished

I actually complete these over time, but it costs sooooo much to scan them, I wait until I have 5 or more done before I get them scanned and uploaded.
*NOTE: Major props to FedEx/Kinko's on Dale Mabry and Fowler in Tampa, they are awesome!
So, this image took a long time to decide on. Not because of the image itself, but how do you show God's magnificence in creation? What to imagine; man? animals? universe? landscape? sunrise?
I decided I had to make a decision, and this is what I decided upon:

To me at least, a sunrise is the best way to display God's glory.
Just to remind those following this, these prints are
roughly 6.5" x 8" printed on paper (Goyu) that is roughly 15" x 21".
I only print two or three final copies on the large size paper, usually tossing about 5 or 6 proofs till I feel that the block is printing right.
On this one, I think I only did a few "correction" proofs until I felt I had it right.
For all my relief print friends, I'll go ahead and tell you that this was done on a Speedball 9 x 12 lino block.
Tried to see how thin I could get some lines (wait till you see Psalm 9, the pinnacle I think of my lino carving, if I do say so myself).
The image itself is a combination of some pictures I have snapped over the years.

O.K., on to the graphic folks.
Here is the Decorative Initial and Illumination.

I really like the color combination (click on the images for a
larger and clearer image).

I have been trying very hard to get these even minor details right, imagining myself as a monk sitting in a bare cell, attempting to please God by giving my best.
Here is the final image, love to hear any comments or ideas for future posts.
Stay tuned......


  1. How do you show God's magnificence indeed! I really like this spread. As I looked at the completed page and read the Psalm, I found that the illuminated letter O began to look like a mouth singing God's name, or like the risen sun that still sits below the horizon in your linocut. This might be my favorite so far.

    I'm showing my work locally this month and sharing the gallery space with a minister and a photographer who have just completed a 4-year project in which they asked 150 ordinary people in the community to put a psalm into their own words. It's a beautiful series of portraits and words and reminded me of your project.

  2. Beautiful work, Dan. You have outdone yourself - I can't imagine lines that fine!