Monday, August 11, 2008

Just An Update

Just a quick update here. I have been sick lately, on and off, and have gotten behind again.
Psalm 8 is carved, as you saw, and Psalm 9 is almost completely carved, just need to remove the edges, I'll post the block tomorrow maybe.
Finally, Psalm 10 is all drawn out on paper, just need to get it on the block. Funny how some minor things can make us happy.
I have been depressed lately, but it comes and goes, even with all the medications I take.
So I get happy tonight; I found some really neat fine markers in some colors I hope I can use in the future, I finally figured out what it was about my Psalm 10 print that I didn't like (too much background, duh), and played RockStar at a friends house (I totally stink at it).
Many of you don't know, but God blessed me and my wife 17 years ago with a severally autistic angel named Hannah. She has had a good summer so far, here is a picture of her and my lovely, precious and patient wife Lisa out on the bay in my bosses boat: