Sunday, March 24, 2013

Psalm 25

It has been far too long, I know.  But I had the visions and desire to design, carve and print more than illuminate, so that is exactly what I did.  Currently I have carved up to Psalm 34 and printed up to Psalm 31.  Now back to some illuminating!
Following is Psalm 25, a joy to design and carve (on cherry wood). Unlike some of my illustrations, this one is not as direct and simple.

I experimented with background using different grades of sandpaper (although at times I will admit to being a little too heavy with the hammer).  I started with 160 grade and worked my way up to 220 grade.  I was intent on making the upper portion brighten than the lower, as if the climb were into heaven itself, but not all the way mind you.

The verse that touched my heart was "Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths."

Since the road of life seems to never be straight or easy,  I instantly envisioned a staircase, not an easy gently sloping one, but a twisty, turning and straight up staircase.  

The Decorative Initial first.
I found the graphic in an old book, then modified it to fit my design.

The colors did not transport over as well as I would like, the red is deeper and the blue not so,

A careful eye will notice a slight mistake I made 
in the calligraphy, but I won't point it out for you.

The illumination was a blast, difficult to paint but fun to design!

And the full image, enjoy and comment please!