Sunday, June 28, 2009

Psalm 13

Moving along.

This is one of my favorites so far, although I did the carve the print on white oak. Never again, never again. My wrist hurt for two weeks after carving this beast. But I love the way the grain worked with the print, helping to give the impression of actual wood.

This was a very personal image for me, I internally felt it, if you get my drift. I wanted that impression of crying out to the Lord, but from strength, not weakness. That's why I used the image of the tree, strength and fortitude, but out of that still able to cry out in agony to the Lord. Oh yeah, my model was Preston again, and old friend of mine.

Here's the image:

The decorative initial and text were fun.
I think I am finally starting to get the hang of this!
I think that someday I will start to paint these images, with a
brush and tempra paints, but for now just using markers.

I am also beginning to think of the possibility of using
real gold leaf for the illuminations. Right now, I can't afford
it and I also don't know how, but the not knowing how has
never held me back before and it probably won't this time

I am also considering using a "real" calligraphy nib and
black india ink for the text. Psalm 18 is the next Psalm that
has a lot of text, so probably will try on that one, where the letters need to be very small to fit the paper size.

Here is the border:
And finally, the complete image:


  1. What a very powerful image. I can feel it too. Great carving. Whatever possessed you to use oak??? Just kidding you a little. Actually, the image is pretty perfect for oak.

  2. Very nice work Daniel! That is quite a talent. I could never dream of being able to do anything like that. It is great to have such a variety of people with so many different gifts to share for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing yours.
    God Bless you.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the visuals and relfections on the Psalms. I'm preaching my way through the book of psalms at a church plant here in Auckland New Zealand and found these helpful to me. Also love the illuminated texts.

  4. Beautiful, dont be so critical of the scanned images. You are so truly talented. Denise Evans