Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Saga of Psalm 19

Where do I start?
Probably one of the most difficult Psalms for me to illustrate, it literally took me weeks to conceive, create, recreate, revise, redraw, and finally get happy. Then I made the mistake of asking others what they thought of the design! So, more drawing, designing, etc.....

This was the final design below I decided to go with,but as you can see, many areas were totally undecided.

Then came the decision, how do I carve this dreamscape?

I think I wound up redrawing the lines about5 times before I even came close to figuring out
how I wanted to carve.(I always attempt to draw my images in pen as I
plan carve them in wood).

Here is the idea and final image side by side:

On to the illumination!

I really had fun with the designing of this motif! I will just go ahead and show you the designs of the decorative initial and illumination and let you decide if it works:

And here is the final image:As always, comments are appreciated and they let me know someone is actually looking at this stuff.


  1. Love the bees and the honeycomb-like decoration. Wow this one was a long time coming (not like I'm pushing, but I do love to see these unfold). 8-]

  2. I love the description of your genius process! :) Love your work! Don't forget to ck out my new blog site at and I too love comments. I've also got a fan page on facebook I'd love to have you join. Keep up the great work!

  3. ...the imagery pulls from so many different places in time.