Friday, July 18, 2008

A First Timer

Well, I finally figured this all out and hope everyone enjoys.
To start, I am an artist trapped in an hourly job. No bars and chains, but a desk and telephone have kept me from my love for over twenty years. I love to create, envision, interpret and share.
I started into printmaking during college, because my mother would claim any good painting or pastel drawing as hers, so she would wind up with the only copy. But with printmaking, I can sell, share, giveaway, whatever and still have one or more left over. I started with etching, moved on to lithography and finished my education with screen printing. But that was twenty plus years ago.
Once I got out of school, I stopped almost everything except the once in awhile painting or drawing.
But then, my daughter Meagan had to learn about the invention of movable type and printing.
So, off to the local art store where I found some Speedball printing blocks, ink, carving tools, brayer and paper. Amazed, I could do this on the kitchen table!
And thus I began.

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