Monday, April 29, 2013

Psalm 27

I have been doing this blog for years now, but is anybody reading it?  I keep thinking of the lyrics to a song, "Is there anybody out there?  Does anyone care?".  So, if you do read this, leave a comment below, please.

 One of the things that annoyed me in my college education and subsequent readings over the years has been the "opinions" of historians and critics on the "meaning" behind paintings and drawings.  How did they really "know" what the artist meant, or was getting at, or what inspired them?  It was all a guess, maybe an intellectual one, maybe not, but it is still a guess. 

So, that being said, this time I would like to focus mainly on the image and TELL you my motive, inspiration, meaning, etc.....

I must have read this psalm over and over again twenty times before it hit me, this image is not going to be about a specific verse or group of verses, but about the ":feeling" I get when I read the whole psalm: safe.

So, what says safe?  After considering many ideas and images, I finally settled on the image you now see, a cleat.  Once that idea took shape, the rest came along easily.  The rope represents ourselves and our lives; twisted, rough, non-uniform, strong and rotting at the same time.  But wrapped around the cleat?  Security, safety, tied, etc.....

As you may have noticed, I like to represent God, or the idea of God, as pure white.

Technical details: lino block, Zerkall Book 145gm, Graphic Chemical Black w/s ink.

Peace out.  If enough people comment, I will come back and explain the decorative initial and illumination. 


  1. Following your blog, enjoying the prints and the commentary. Barbara

  2. I follow your blog, too. Would love to know about the illumination.

    As someone who has earned his living as a writer for more than 40 years, let me tell you: Writing is like spinning a Tibetan prayer wheel. It doesn't matter whether anyone is reading, only that you have done it.

    Yeah, I think that's kind of pretentious, too. Still, writing is not to be read. It's mostly to have done it.


    1. Thank you so very much for your comment, it made me smile and encourages me onward!

  3. Beautiful psalm. Thank you for the images and the explanation...

  4. Yep, we read it Dan, enjoy your work very much, have you thought of mounting an exhibit of your work?

    all the best....julio

  5. I just discovered your blog today and am delighted not only by the beauty, symbolism, and detail of your work, but also by the subject you have chosen. The use of your evident artistic talent brings glory to God and joy to me as a viewer. Please keep engraving and posting! I want to see the imagery you create for the other 120ish psalms remaining.

    1. It is comments like yours that keep the flame lit, thank you so much!